Sunday, February 26, 2017


I apologise but I just accidently deleted my essay on this wonderful documentary.
In a nutshell, see it and look out for more from jax

Hello Again!
Sorry its been five years but Jax Flix is back.
Off to a rough start, after completing an essay on Rosie Jones's's powerful documentary "The Family"
I mistakenly shit!!!!
Not to worry; ill give you the abridged version.
See " The family". Its emotional, informative and visually striking.
You wont believe what old Auntie Anne gets up to .....

Limited release

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bernie Trailer (Jack Black - 2012)

BERNIE-The lovable killer....

I'm so glad to be returning to you once more with this wonderful movie.
An unlikely story based on true events between the lovable gay mortician Bernhardt "Bernie" Tiede (played impeccably by one of my all time favourites Jack Black)who befriends the extremely wealthy and recently widowed Marjorie Nugent (played by the timeless Shirley Maclaine)
We are introduced to the character of Bernie as the movie begins with a detailed demonstration of how one successfully prepares a corpse for burial.Here we see a chipper chap who clearly respects and almost understands his deceased fellows.I knew at this stage we were in for an unusual journey....
On his arrival to Catharage, Texas, Bernie quickly assumes a pivotal role in the small community. There seems nothing this polite young man can't do. From assistant funeral manager to director and performer in the local High School production.
I must say some of my favourite scenes were when we got a taste of Blacks real incredible singing voice. His range covered everything from country and western ballads,to Church hymns to operetta. Like Bernie himself,Black is one multi skilled performer.
Bernie lavishes his presence on Marjorie Nugent when the rest of the small town have long since discarded here as an evil witch. The two forge a unique friendship that sees them taking overseas trips together,getting pedicures even liasing on stocks and bonds. All possible through Marjorie picking up the bill.
All is well until Marjorie attempts to assume total control over Bernies life.Not allowing him to have any outside friends or time without her.
As the story goes,Tiede becomes totally consumed by Majories dominance and instead of simply saying hey Marjorie thanks for the memories. He shoots her dead four times in the back.This is before storing her in a deep freezer for 9 months untill he could decide what to do.
Strange but true my friends.
The rest of the film details the case against Bernie. The almost unrecognizable Matthew McConaughey plays DA Danny Buck Davidson. I am really beginning to believe that Matthew is much more than just a pretty face. Especially after seeing him as the only saving grace in "Magic Mike". This Southern hottie has plenty to offer.
DA Danny Buck sure has his work cut out for him. It seems the whole town of Catharage is behind their boy Bernie. That Bernie almost had no choice but to murder the old biddy.
Bernie claims temporary insanity for the shooting of Marjorie but that doesn't justify the following nine months where she laid frozen dead while Bernie continued to dip into here insurmountable wealth.
The DA was skillfully able to attribute Bernies continued lavish expenses to his desire to continue living a wealthy existence. One that had not been afforded him until Marjorie came into his life.
This film was cleverly made. The bulk of the dialogue consisted of interviews with the towns folk. Clearly replicating the dramatic effect of the murder on a small town. The characters were highly oppinionated and larger than life.Not to far from what you could imagine in a small town.
Shirley Maclaine although a small part never fails to deliver. This role was slightly reminiscent of "wezer" in "Steel Magnolias". She craftily illustrated a woman who had been reborn by Bernies arrival in her life.Although when things didn't go her way we saw her evil potential. Great casting.
Mr Jack Black WAS Bernardt Tiede. At the completion of the film, I watched some you tube footage of the real life man. Black had his accent,subtle mannerisms,the look (he obviously put on a significant amount of weight on for the role)square on the money. It just illustrates how much more we can look forward to from this talent laden man.
"Bernie" was unpredictably funny as it was shocking. The theatrical performance by Black made it award worthy and I would highly recommend you seeing it as soon as you can.
The incredible thing about "Bernie" is that it is largely based on a true story.
I will conclude with what Oscar Wilde says about the truth:

“The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.”


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Just when you thought you'd seen enough reality TV for one lifetime, one more show comes along to prevent you from getting on with the really important shit in your life. Feeling lost in the wilderness at the completion of "The Voice"; "Being Lara Bingle" quickly picked up the baton.
As a nation we were introduced to Miss Bingle in the Australian Tourism ads. A bikini clad Bingle recited the immortal words "Where the bloody hell are ya?"and went onto captivate an International audience.(well kind of)
From here, her notoriety grew more for her personal life than any model or TV engagements she was involved with. Her association with both cricket legend Michael Clarke and bad boy Brendan Fevola were headline material. Shes's also managed to have more nude photos published than Paris Hilton.
"Being Lara Bingle" follows both both the professional and private world of Lara.
Lara fits perfectly into the Barbie mould. Although I think Barbie may have had a few more brain cells.
Her insolent response to yet more nude photos made me cry out"Hey Lara don't bite the hand that feeds you" Although I fear she would not get it...
Harsh? Sure but Lara has now become the blonde bombshell we love to hate. Feeling slightly riduccled at her admission of God Forbid "CELLULITE!!!!" And just downright agitated at her intrinsic sense of self importance.
Doesn't she know there are people starving in the world????!!!
Lara comes across as a vague starlight whose taking too many xaenex and acts completely miffed when something doesn't go her way. Temper Temper Lara..
Nevertheless, I continue to tune in every Tuesday at 8 pm. It makes me feel better about my spiritual self you know?
Lara has what you would call a mouth from the South. When being interviewed by a prospective talent scout in LA;she refers to Ryan Seacrest (aka American Idol host) as being "small"-while gestering that it was in fact his"little soldier" not his height.
Sure Lara,that's one way top to the top...
If she's not driving without a license,she's disrespecting her elders and whingeing that she feels "dirty". Are there no limits to this tempeteuous carry on!!!???
I guess if there was there would be no show. And despite its drop in ratings from the first episode,loyal fans of this blonde dynamo keep coming back for more.
After writing this blog,I took a few weeks off the show. Sure I missed the contrived scandal but am feeling morally invigorated. Yes there is always a place for reality TV shows. This one however promises no prize and will merely suffice that Celebrity and fame has nothing to do with talent.

[TEN] Being Lara Bingle Promo (#3)

Friday, May 4, 2012



You know you've been away for too long when the whole Blogger outlook has been changed without your approval!

Im embarrassed to note that I have not put hand to keyboard for nearly 3 months!!!
Shameful indeed.

It's not like I haven't seen a bunch of movies; I've just been plain lazy right?. I'm sorry.
Ok...Let's move on..

The movie I have chosen to return to you with is Australian feature; "Wish you were here".
This movie is a labour of love for Australian couple Kieran Darcy Smith and Felicity Price (who stars in the film.)

The story takes us on a Cambodian holiday where the shit hits the fan and consequently how it affects the lives of four very different people.

The movie excelled for me because of its carefully drawn characterisations. Clearly a lot of time was spent developing the script. The naturalistic dialogue and riveting performances kept everyone still and lifeless in my cinema.

The story was in fact loosely based on a real-life story involving a good friend of Smith and Price - the unsolved disappearance of her best friend's partner while holidaying in Thailand decades ago. The couple agreed the material was perfect for a first film.

At 89 minutes long this movie wastes no time in exploring the darker side of human nature.
The plot follows a carefully derived non linear format. Normally Im opposed to this type of film making but in this case it really seems to work. Its skilfully done for dramatic impact rather for pretentious Art house sake.

Director Smith has showcased some wonderful Aussie/Kiwi Talent here. "Jeremy" who makes up part of this fantastic four is played by Antony Starr. A kiwi actor best known for his work in "Xena" Warrior Princess doesn't have a large part but is provocative and powerful when he is. Girlfriend "Steph" played by Teresa Palmer is a wonderful addition here. This hot looking blondie has already had an extensive work history here and in the US. I loved and believed every moment she took up on screen. She was born to play the selfish,greedy Soph. Watch out for this one.

His wife in real life Felicity Price plays "Alice" the sweet natured mother and Language Teacher. I've never seen her before but was instantly touched by her revelatory performance here. Despite her meek appearance, Alice tackles a series of bad events in her stride. Suffice the saying: "Women are like tea,you don't know how strong they are until they are in hot water"

Finally we have the insurmountable Joel Edgerton who plays family man "Dave".Joel's been around for ages. From his humble beginnings on "The Secret Life of Us" Joel has recently proven he can do it all.Most recently in "Warrior" with Nick Nolte and the hugely successful "Animal Kingdom"
But its in this film; that he collaborated on with Smith (mates for 20 years)that I believe we have Edgerton's finest hour.

A vivid and real performance. We find ourselves secretly rooting for Dave despite his succession of bad choices. Joel intrinsically shows us that at the end of the day we're all guilty of being human and what that pervades.

"Wish you were here"leaves you guessing at every turn while each of the characters layers peel right off in front of you like onions. Nothing is what it seems and the key is to assume nothing.
Be transported by the beautiful sites of Cambodia and our own Bondi beaches. Languish in the soundtrack and hold onto your seatbealts for a wild ride.



Thursday, February 9, 2012


Two thumbs up for this film.

Directed by Jason Reitman ("Up and away")and written by Diablo Cody ("Juno")I was earnestly transfixed by the life and times of protaganist Mavis Gary. (Charlize Theron)
A recent divorcee who seeks comfort in scotch, junk food and playing wii. Mavis's days entail surviving hangovers whilst dodging her editor's deadline demands.
She swims in a sea of reality TV that appears to cross over into her real life.
This paltry existence is thrown into disarray when she receives the news that her childhood sweetheart is celebrating the birth of his first child. OUCH!
Deluded, Mavis believes this is a sign that she is destined to reunite with him.
Hastily she sets off dressed in her raggy tracksuit and her mascara stained eyes. She takes the open road in her red and white mini with her trusty if not somewhat neglected pomeranian.
As she goes, she sings along to "The concept" by Teenage Fanclub. I didn't really understand why this song was etched out over an entire scene. Obviously it meant something to Mavis, but to us as an audience,the scene was laboured and the meaning was unclear.
Despite her best intentions to reclaim her man,Mavis is stopped promptly in her tracks. This detour is provided by former classmate "Matt Freehauf"(played by real life comedian Patton Oswalt)
Matt has struggled to move on with his own life after enduring some heinous high school bullying.He prefers to hide out in his sisters basement painting figurines and making Home brew.
Despite the pairs outward differences,their shared love of scotch and disdain for others ensures they become inextricably linked.
Matt points out to Mavis that her former flame Buddy Slade (played by a low key Patrick Wilson)has moved on and is a happily married father.
Beguiled, Mavis believes there's nothing that a rockin' pair of heels and a good pedicure can't fix. Her obsession with outside appearances and seeking esteem in boozy one night stands has left her entirely lonely.
Thats what I love about this film. Despite its obvious comic appeal;there are real human conditions on show here.
A self seeking woman such as Mavis just "cant get no satisfaction".An insatiable thirst for someone or something to fill the void. When reality starts to hit,she chooses once more to escape from it by seducing her portly drinking buddy "Matt".
In the morning, an unfulfilled and deluded Mavis succumbs once more....
In the final scene, Mavis is confronted by Matt's sister. A starry eyed on looker who enviously explains how lucky Mavis is and how much better she is than her small town counterparts.
In response, Mavis picks up her bag,head held high. Safe in the knowledge that she will live another day and who gives a shit what those honky tonks think anyway!
Bingo! A true ending where our main character does NOT miraculously morph into a more evolved state with better morals.
She simply remains stuck where she is. Inflated ego in tack. Nothing more,nothing less.
As for you Miss Theron. I love your work girlfriend! Yes, your stunning, yes your an Oscar winner. Although for me,this was your finest hour. Dying is easy, Comedy is hard.

See this film guys!
JAX xx